Jessica Kutz Flores, MA, LPAT

As human beings in a fast-paced modern society, we are all faced with daily challenges and stressors. Some of us can navigate these issues on our own and others require a bit of professional support. I encourage clients to view therapy as a journey we embark on together. I have experience working with clients of all ages, and I welcome anyone who is looking to explore ways to improve their quality of life, whether it is due to life transitions, relationship conflicts, past trauma, or managing emotional challenges.

As we engage in a therapeutic journey, we will work together in the following ways: -Identify and build on strengths – collaborate to develop new skills and solve problems – enhance your confidence and sense of wellbeing – improve your connections and relationships – explore barriers to reaching your personal goals and creating the life you desire.

Each person’s journey is unique, which is why creative and affirming treatment, with a variety of therapeutic approaches, designed just for you, has great potential to help. Things can indeed improve, and healing is possible. I look forward to helping you overcome your struggles. Please call me with any questions, or to schedule a consultation.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change”

– BrenĂ© Brown –