From our offices to our interactions, Mindive takes pride in our ability to communicate respect for our clients. Clients can expect to be treated with dignity and appreciation from the time they schedule to the time they reach their goals.

Client’s Expertise and Wisdom

While our therapists bring extensive knowledge and experience to each client’s journey, the client remains the one who knows and understands themselves best. We like to think of ourselves as experienced guides who have helped many others navigate their journeys. However, the client brings inherent wisdom and understanding that is vital to achieving the desired change.


Our goal is to be able to adjust to each client’s needs and desires as they move forward to reach their goals. We never approach any client or situation with a “one size fits all” mentality. We also work hard to meet each client’s needs with regard to scheduling their appointments. If you do not see a day/time that fits your schedule, ask your therapist to see if they can schedule an appointment that will.


Our therapists take very seriously the need for clients to feel welcome and accepted no matter their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nationality, or religious worldview. Mindive does not discriminate with regards to any of these aspects of the human experience. We also do not consider ourselves experts on anyone’s experience and rely on the client to focus, or not focus, on any aspects of their lives.


Our providers bring all of the above values to bear on the client’s services in the hope that the overall experience is one of feeling welcomed and respected. However, microaggressions do occur, often without the awareness of the person committing one. Should you experience anything other than the utmost respect in your experience at Mindive, please bring it to the attention of your provider so that they may address the situation fully.

We offer three distinct, but connected, ways of accessing our services. Counseling provides a more traditional avenue of finding solutions for individual and interpersonal struggles. Our coaching platform is for individuals seeking to make specific changes to their lives, careers, and goals. Consultation specifically targets business-related goals and vision, often assisting with brainstorming and an infusion of creative, mindful energy into the overall process.