Zakary Kendall, MA

With our world increasingly changing every day, feelings of ‘uncertainty’ are constantly on the rise. Often, we can find it difficult to consistently meet the challenges and demands of our given lifestyle. But add to this that we are frequently taken to task by a ‘surprise unknown’ or two: Lost jobs. Lost relationships. Health issues. Even a lost childhood pulling at you. Maybe all of the above, and then some! Of course, each of us tries to meet these unknowns to the best of our ability. And at times even our absolute best efforts won’t get us back on course.

So how do you cope: how do you weather the steady stream of stressors? Or how do you pick yourself back up after you feel truly beaten down to the core? Who do you want to be, moving forward? How do you embrace these changes towards healing, towards benefiting yourself and the support network of the people you love? Or how do you love or trust again after significant others have let you down, or even moved on? How do you boost your strength and insights to walk away from old patterns in your life that are not working anymore? How can you find it in yourself to accept and control the range of powerful, and sometimes crippling, emotions that come from past traumas and/or present-day anxieties? How can you fortify yourself to face future unknowns? How do you cope better now to live at your absolute best, moving forward?

Turns out, it’s healthy to ponder questions such as these! And it’s innately HUMAN to challenge yourself so that you can rise to your full self-awareness and potential. It becomes both empowering and vital to find and enact YOUR answers to meet the challenges in your life. You deserve the best life, and I want to help you get there.

I find deep gratification in helping others form and activate their path to action: to heal, to grow, to live, to gather and keep peace of mind. After all, we are all in this together! And a rewarding life of growth, stability, productive thought, and healthy gains can start with the work we do together. I believe in your abilities to brave all uncertainties so that you can have the life you want, and I want to support you and engage with you on your terms, in consideration of your needs, so that we can find your way towards the best YOU.