Anger & Emotional Regulation

We have an interesting relationship with our emotions.  When we are feeling good, they are our best friends.  But when we experience anger, hurt, or fear, we do our best to disconnect and get as far away from them as we can.

The issue at the end of the day is emotional regulation.  How can we learn to have a healthy relationship with our emotions?

How can we cry when needed?

Assert ourselves when called for?

Experience frustration without it boiling over and hurting others?  Hide when unsafe, or face fear when called for?

Learning to be more aware of what we are actually feeling is the first step.  Identifying and naming our emotions is key to that awareness.

After awareness, learning to recognize what thoughts are leading to our feelings, is an important step towards the goal of emotional regulation.  Learning new coping strategies and skills will be key in moving towards having more control over what we think, feel, and do.

Your therapist will help you navigate through these questions to find the solutions that work best for you.